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Respect and Freedom

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For the last 24 years, Trac Stephenson has been in his truck and headed to a job site before the sun rises.  A hard working man providing for his family anyway he can.  From installing siding and framing houses to managing crews and running multiple companies simultaneously to make a living.  Stephenson has worn many hats in the construction industry and he paid attention to the problems his industry faces every step of the way.  While working in the trenches, Stephenson took notes and crafted an app to make life just a little bit easier for the over 10 Million folks working in the construction business.

“Being a contractor can be a very rewarding experience.  Most days there is a sense of accomplishment that you just can’t find with other jobs/careers… after all we are building homes and buildings which can make a big difference in people’s lives.  But behind the scenes, being a contractor can be a very stressful world.  We are under-resourced and are continually challenged with the three basics of what it takes to be successful: getting jobs, getting them done and getting paid for them.  These inefficiencies can cause an increase in cost and delays in production.”

Stephenson studied the problems he ran into in the construction industry and brainstormed a mobile app solution called BUILD1x.  “The ultimate vision for BUILD1x is to make a big difference in reducing unnecessary obstacles that make it hard for construction professionals to be successful at what they do.  With BUILD1x, we can help people connect better to the opportunities, help them share vital information more efficiently and make payments happen near-instantly… which will ultimately improve the lives of millions of people.”

Stephenson has seen a lot of problems with the way the construction industry operates.  From workers finding jobs by driving around from one job site to another, to lack of communication to all participants on projects, to the problem with old-fashioned payment method of paper checks and the challenges with getting those checks cashed for millions of construction workers.  Most builders pay their contractors after the job is complete, but the contractors need to pay their workers before they get paid from the builders.  A financial stumbling block for the industry, which is why Stephenson created his platform. 

Launching fully in January of 2019 on iOS (already in beta), Android and web, BUILD1x will provide the construction industry with a real-time ability to financially manage, hire and communicate during construction projects more efficiently.

Stephenson says, “The platform is designed to CONNECT, SHARE and PAY.  You connect with what we call BUILDConnect, that’s how you find the job.  You share with BUILDShare, which is how you communicate on the job to all participants, and our digital payments and financial system helps contractors not only pay and get paid faster with BUILDPay, but we also offer low interest loans for their business.  All of that comes together to create the BUILD1x ecosystem and platform.”

Stephenson hopes to improve the lives of millions of workers in the construction industry with his mobile platform.  He says he wants to prevent future construction workers from running into the same challenges he has dealt with over the last two decades.  “BUILD1x is built to address the core challenges that contractors face every day.  If we can help contractors do their jobs more efficiently, we all win.”