Entrepreneur Magazine: Top 14 Blockchain Companies to Watch in 2018.

By Stankevicius MGM



Despite all its myriad shortcomings, 2017 has been extravagantly kind to the cryptocurrency market. Bitcoin, Ethereum, and the like have hit all-time high values beyond what even the most optimistic enthusiast could have imagined. There are new cryptocurrencies and decentralized blockchain protocols launching daily; many of them through the process of ICOs or Token Sales.

An ICO, or Initial Coin Offering, is a way for companies to raise capital through the sale of cryptocurrencies. It works in much the same way as a startup’s IPO, except that investors buy tradeable tokens instead of shares in the company. The reason for this is simple. Since cryptocurrencies are open-source protocols meant for public use that aren’t under the control of any one entity, ICOs are a relatively easy and regulation-free to raise funding and develop ventures.

Token sales, on the other hand, are when blockchain companies sell tokens which have utility in their protocol. These tokens are required to make the decentralized protocol work and purchasers are buying them for its use, not as an investment. There are only a handful of DAPPs (decentralized apps) live, but more are coming online and aiming to disrupt many of the centralized systems that have gone unchanged for far too long.

We thought it would be cool to compile a list of the top 14 blockchain companies we think are poised to be prosperous (some already are) heading into 2018.

12. Company Name: BUILD1x

  • Trac Stephenson, founder of BUILD1x, Inc

  • CEO, Todd Mitchem

  • BUILD1x is revolutionizing construction through the introduction of the world’s first digital currency, BUILDCoin, built specifically for the construction industry. BUILDCoin will be utilized within the BUILD1x mobile application, set to launch Q1 2018. One of the biggest challenges the industry has is the extended payment cycle for materials and labor, which inflates project costs, and the purchase price of homes. BUILD1x will empower the construction industry with blockchain technology and smart contracts eliminating some of the inflated costs associated with delayed payments.

  • “An $8+ trillion global industry that supports nearly 100 million people, needed a mobile platform that was made for them, by one of them. By combining known mobile app features like project communication and networking, with blockchain and digital payments, BUILD1x will positively impact homeowners, builders, suppliers, contractors and construction workers.” – Trac Stephenson

BUILD1x Team